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Practice Blueprint Mentorship Program helped me have everything in place so I could be successful!

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

I started as a client with CDNC in 2016 and received great care and understanding, as I was quite ill. I had only been in the natural health business for a few months so my experience was very limited at that time. My health started improving almost immediately as the approach was focused less on symptom management and more on root cause management. I remember telling Dan that I was going to do what he does.

I started my formal education in 2017 and had spoken with Dan informally about his mentorship program. Early 2018, I purchased a building for my practice and signed up for the Practice Blueprint Mentorship Program. I had been providing health consultations out of my home with varied results and was looking for the educational experience to improve my healing skills and understand more about how to successfully build my practice so I could quit my job in real estate.

I arrived at CDNC in February filled with excitement and armed with my business and marketing plan drafts. I was ready to start changing the lives of my community members! I looked at the week’s agenda and realized that I was going to learn much more than I had expected. My week started out with following Dan, to listen in on his consultations and view how to effectively communicate with my clients. I had the opportunity to ask questions about his methods and was given thorough explanations.

I was able to have one on one visits with the other practitioners, the office staff, and Dan’s personal assistant to learn about their work flow and to understand why their procedures were so effective. I was given samples and copies of all their paperwork if asked. I was also able to record sessions for future reference. I was taught Nutritional Kinesiology, which took the guesswork out of my consultations. This improved my client’s results once I implemented it.

I had taken natural health business classes, plus purchased CD’s and books to help me get started, but they didn’t have all the steps. I still didn’t feel I had enough pieces to start my business the right way. The CDNC Practice Blueprint Mentorship Program helped me have everything in place so I could be successful. I was able to take pieces from a successful practice and implement them in a way that worked for my goals. I had the right forms in place, client intake procedures, educational pieces, and more ready for my first day open.

Working with Dan and Becca, I tweaked my business plan, including starting 3 months earlier than planned. They advised me take advantage of opportunities in my area to introduce myself to the community. They followed up with me regularly to answer questions, ease my frustrations, and help me through the specific challenges I was facing. We have developed more than a professional relationship and I feel like a part of their team now, even though we are different companies. Since we are only 2 hours away from each other, they even made trips to my area to teach classes, help with a health fair, and to check out ways to improve my workflow.

A year and a half later, I am currently working 3 days a week at my office with a front desk staff of one. I am no longer in real estate! I am in the process of purchasing a larger building to bring in 3 other practitioners of different modalities. I have been able to purchase other pieces of equipment to increase my own offerings. I am in a community of 8000 people with the next largest town a minimum of 100 miles away in every direction so I never thought this would be a success. I am grateful for this program and blessed to have all the CDNC people in my life.

April Martinez, BCHHP Living with Elevation Natural Health Center Rawlins, WY

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