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About Us

Since 1974, Samuel Young, Founder of Country Doctor Herbals has instilled his passion and objectives in his family practice. These objectives are to produce the highest quality, clinically proven herbal supplements, provide them at a reasonable price and position other practitioners to provide dynamic, results driven protocols to their clients.


Country Doctor Herbals:

Our facility adheres to GMP as laid out by the FDA. Our Herbal Based Dietary Supplements have stood the test of time by consumers all over the world for Purity, Potency, and Performance. These Original Remedies can be traced back as far as mans earliest recorded history.


Practice BluePrint:

With the overwhelming success our clinic continues to enjoy, we want to give back by making it possible for ALL Nutrition minded Practitioners to experience the business of their dreams. Many come out of school enhanced healers, but are not positioned to Create, Market, Manage, Grow or Sustain an actual Wellness Practice. Practice BluePrint is making this possible with our 6 Day Intensive Hands-On Mentorship Program. For details and a syllabus overview, contact


Our motto:

“We walk students into practitioner mastery so they may run at any pace they choose.” Hands on clinical experience combined with our proven education platform for achieving maximum results has no equal in the Nutritional Therapy industry. 

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