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Top 10 Reasons to do a Hands on Mentorship

Top Ten Benefits to Hands on Mentorship

Congrats to Skye Davis, ND for joining the Practice BluePrint family!

1. Hands On Experience always exceeds Seminar or Book Learning.

2. The more time a practitioner takes in discovery, the less time it takes for Recovery.

3. Real Life situations bring about real life solutions. Can’t fake this.

4. You can’t teach structured flexibility, practitioners can only experience what it really is.

5. The concepts of practice building are simple, only by witnessing in execution does it anchor in your abilities.

6. ONLY by hands on interaction with clients, will you capture the communication pattern necessary to help a client.

7. By hands on demonstration can you master the most important procedures.

8. It takes 5 years to become clinically proficient, hands on mentorship is the only approach which cuts years off of this time line.

9. Nothing prepares you better for client interaction and flow.

10. Nothing saves more time and money then hands on.

11. Eliminate many frustrations and fears with hands on.

12. Tailored experiences by Practitioners, for Practitioners. No Guesswork.

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