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10 Random Facts about Country Doctor

Did You Know?

Country Doctor started in June of 1998 in Torrington, WY. Many people may be aware of this however, the following 10 items about our family business, its origins and vision are not widely known.

I share these with you as we are so closely knit with Wyoming and the surrounding area. We feel tremendously blessed to provide all natural, non-invasive, results relevant health improvement protocols to folks all over the country now . . . . But it wasn’t always that way. . . Enjoy!

1. Country Doctor - People originally thought we were a vet clinic that made house calls.

2. Sam Young was a building contractor by profession and became a Practitioner in natural health only for the purpose of helping his own family, not for starting a business.

3. All of Dan’s children have worked at Country Doctor over the years! Currently, Rachel, Dan and Stacy’s youngest child, is the Office Manager and has been with Country Doctor for 9 years.

4. For two years, Dan worked in the clinic 4 days per week and the lab 2/3 days per week making tinctures.

5. We came to Cheyenne because of Stewart Greene - Greene Chiropractic, I always give him credit for this.

6. In the beginning, we did not have any other products to offer but Country Doctor Herbals.

7. Our Mentorship Program (Practice BluePrint) has been recently acknowledged with National Accreditation.

8. Practice BluePrint is the result of Dan’s failures as a Natural Health Practitioner and now with Becca and Tammy’s help, have been expanding this to Practitioners all over the country.

9. Dan’s father and our founder, Sam is still alive, happy, healthy and retired living in Oregon with wife Janet.

10. One of Dan’s eye-opening experiences was a horrendous appendicitis attack in 1998. This experience was the final straw convincing him to make changes to his diet and lifestyle. These changes were outlined by his father at the time. Sam said if I didn’t make some changes, I was going to continue to have this problem and I don’t know about you but me and scalpel’s do not get along.

Well these are just a few little trivia pieces about Country Doctor, there are many more little pearls of information so if you have any specific questions about our 22 year history in practice, please feel welcome to reach out and ask.

Dan Young, BCTN, BCN, CNC

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