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I couldn’t afford NOT to to go

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Wow! What’s a week after an extraordinary weekend of training! A great BIG shout-out to Dan and Miss Becca, as well as Tammy and Craig, for making it exactly what the doctor ordered 😉 for my center!

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go due to finances and investing all (and more) of the money I had into reopening our center. We had been closed for five years and didn’t ever plan to reopen. Well, if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans, LOL.

I am following Dan’s system as close as humanly possible, along with my office manager, Ronda, and that means complementary visits the first two times along with the complementary classes. That also means little to no income in the very beginning… But I knew it was coming.

Actually, I couldn’t afford NOT to to go!

I was lacking in confidence in my competence. I hadn’t done muscle testing in quite some time and although I had a good portion of it down, I still questioned myself in some areas and didn’t feel like I was giving my best to my clients. The weekend changed all of that and I came home feeling a much greater sense of confidence and competence. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Little did I know that after going to Chicago with no plans of (EVER) re-opening, then meeting Dan and Becca and some of the other practitioners, that I would be reopening so soon after hearing Dan’s story and halfway through it realizing that that is exactly what I was missing and why I wouldn’t have opened my center again before.

I didn’t have the system that I needed and was sort of flying by the seat of my pants. It was one of the stressors that led me to closing before.

Halfway through his presentation, I knew that I would be taking an unplanned and very unexpected trip to Wyoming to visit the country doctor!

I came home, shared with my husband my revelation from God, listened to several reasons why it might not work, and then watched the realization come across his face after I shared a few videos of Dan at work and a conversation I had had with him.

It was amazing!! My husband and I knew we had to do it. Too many things were “working out” in our favor, leading us down that path.

My boosted confidence seems to have opened a flood gate of people. It’s as if they can sense the change, even though I hadn’t met most of them yet.

Funny (and a blessing) how things work 🤗🙌 We like to say, It’s not odd, it’s God 😇 (So we’d better listen.)

This week led to five new clients, 10 people at our Introductory class, six new initial consultations so far, with up to three more tomorrow, plus having 10 people coming to our Nutrition 101 class tomorrow as well.

And to round it all out, I met many incredible practitioners over the weekend and started some new friendships. Feeling blessed beyond measure. 🙏

Thank you, Natural Health Practitioner Mentorship Program, Country Doctor staff, and all who are making a difference in the health and lives of others!! Y’all rock!!!! 💕


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