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5 Books Every Practitioner should read

By the time you read this, most of you probably have chosen the school you will go to for your basic natural health education. Your courses likely include: anatomy, physiology and chemistry. You may even have a pretty good idea regarding the modality you will focus on such as: Iridology, Herbology, Massage Therapy, Homeopathy or Nutritional Therapy, etc.

Chances are however, not many people including your instructors have really positioned you with key resources regarding the most important aspect of being a successful practitioner, success being a relative term by the way.... none the less, you will definitely find the following books to be real lifesavers to starting or enhancing your clinical journey to success.

2. Michael LeBouf - How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life.

3. George Clason - 1926 - Richest Man in Babylon.

4. Richard Allen - As A Man Thinketh (or woman).

5. Donald LePore - The Ultimate Healing System

We have had Practitioners report the book that pulls it all together for them is:

There will always be something to learn, explore and experience. During these unprecedented times, the ability to navigate, pivot and respond to your market and customer needs is paramount to your long term success.

Case and point, the week I wrote this we had our largest in office introductory class since the start of the “pandemic”. In my office, our bread and butter momentum advancing class has always centered around introductory classes. We have now begun to move as much of our experience to online distribution as possible. That said, I have never mastered a greater return than providing face to face educational experiences. Always remember this, media is great, but classroom trumps it every time.

I encourage all of you to check out for two reasons. First, for personal continuing education for those of you who need CEU’s for board certification as I do. Second, capture your niche and share with the world. Even if you do it for free. As you know, we love providing free content, it is fuel for all relationships, but online will never replace the impact of hands on.

Dan Young, BCTN, BCN, CNC

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