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You did save this Veteran's life

Dear Dan,

When I came to you, I was hopeless. I had been to every type of medical specialist, each offered me another magic pill. I was circling the drain and did not realize it. I had been eating “healthy” for years only to feel worse. I began to notice things happening immediately.

The first changes I experienced were structural. I have had back, leg, and shoulder pain for decades. I was amazed when the changes started. I had flesh, bone and cartilage moving back to their original locations. Slowly one by one my ailments began to heal. What I did not realize is that all the different ailments were inter-related. Once the structure was back in place other changes began.

My careers in the Military exposed me to more heavy metal toxins than most. Your program was able to strip those chemicals from my system. Those toxins had become intermingled with a yeast overgrowth. Each visit for months I would have a new priority. Your program would be adjusted as I continued to eliminate toxins myself.

I have recently had an awakening. Your program has helped me relive the stress in my mind also. I am happy for the first time in many decades, My mind has begun to feel my body again. I’m healing.

Rest assured that you have made your father and grandfather proud. You did save this veterans life.

forever grateful:

Don M.

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