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Winning Testimonial!!

Congratulations to our LED Red Light Winners this month!!!

Congrats to April for highest volume for May!!!

Congrats to Skye for The Winning Testimonial:

Before I started the Country Doctor bowel cleanse I thought I was having healthy elimination. I went on the cleanse because I was having gas and bloating.

What I found out really shocked me. Through the education of Country Doctor I realized I had been chronically constipated for a long time and furthermore I was having gas from being backed up and from eating grains. I changed a few things in my diet as recommended per the Country Doctor phase 1 diet. 

Guess what? I experienced good elimination for the first time in a long time and my gas was gone! I learned that for every meal to expect to have one bowel movement (2-3 times daily). And that bowel movements should be soft in consistency, not solid or firm.

I’ve been on other bowel cleanses before and I can say that the Country Doctor bowel cleanse is my favorite. It was gentle enough where I wasn’t rushing to the bathroom and it allowed me to eat during the cleanse. 

I would highly recommend this cleanse to anyone who is looking to improve their health. I’ve learned that good elimination is at the root of good health.

- SD

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