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Welcome Cassidy to Practice BluePrint!

We are very excited to welcome Cassidy to the Practice BluePrint family! We will follow Cassidy through her Mentorship this week & beyond! This will be a full immersion experience into Nutritional Kinesiology and how to set up a successful Natural Health business!

Practice BluePrint, the exclusive mentorship program of Country Doctor

Nutritional Center is a combination of over 22 years' of hands on clinical

experience. Our goal in offering the mentorship program is to position

attendees to rapidly develop and identify the key ingredients necessary to

Create, Manage, Grow and Sustain their own nutritional therapy practice.

Because we are a nutritional therapy practice, the mentorship content and

experiences of the attendees is an ever flowing and growing experience.

Here is an overview of Cassidy's immersion experience this week:

Day One:

Cassidy follows Dan throughout his day. They will meet with clients in all

different phases of their wellness journey. Some will be early in to their

Programs of Care, others may have been with Dan for years.

Each client visit, you will be made aware of what stage they are at so

monitoring their progress and programs may be slightly different.

They may be in:

Fine Tuning - Fine Tuning means within their first 6 weeks of starting the


Healing and Observation - Within their first 12 weeks to 1 year of starting

their program.

Maintenance - Usually have been with me for a year or more.

Tammy is also in on Monday’s, she is also a clinician here, so you may

bounce between Tammy and Dan depending on the intensity of the


During each exam you will witness our approach in establishing the

following 3 points. These points are taken care of each and every visit.




Our visits are 15 minutes long which by today's standards is twice the

average a person gets to spend with most healthcare providers. We first

Evaluate current status by asking the following questions and asking for

the following information.

1. BM’s

2. Energy

3. Sleep

4. Digestion

The answer to these questions tell as a great deal about dietary stress


5. Compliance

6. Questions

7. Education

8. Food Logs

9. Changes

10. Program Stability

By exam, we then Determine current stress or changes to the Nutritional

Therapy. Basically the entire exam is geared towards identifying any new

stress patterns, supplement adjustments, etc.

We then Educate the client on any changes to their program and why. We

repeat this process over and over in order to establish a Structured yet

Flexible approach to every person regardless of where they are in the


Day Two through four:

Identical to Day One accept you may be with Tammy or Craig in the exam

process. You will also have the opportunity to work with Rachel and

Sarah from the front office on:

1. New Client Intake

2. Phone Work and Exam Scheduling

3. POC Blue Folder Explanation

4. Shipping

5. Class Scheduling, etc.

These are all processes and systems we use daily in our office and some

version of this will be required in order to have continuity and flow in your


Day Five

This is were we put it all together for you in your ideal clinical practice. We

practice the act of creating your practice the exact way you want it to be.

We review together your Practice Creation Form which acts as our guide

to fulfill all the aspects of creating a practice.

We cover in-depth the material found in the Practice BluePrint Manual for

clarity, understanding and execution. We establish time line goals and

projections for the first week, month quarter and year. We establish our

contact dates and times for weekly follow up and on what platform this

follow up works best.

Day Six

Hands on Drilling with Nutritional Kinesiology. We go through all 88

slides of the power point. Answer questions and discuss scenarios that can

come up, then demo for several hours to enhance the practitioners

confidence and competence regarding using this as a form or evaluation.

We will have current Country Doctor Nutritional Center clients volunteer for

this portion of the hands on training.

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