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Top 10 "Healthy" Foods to Avoid

1. OJ – Processed, pasteurized, denatured. Eat raw, while orange or grapefruit. Spikes insulin, makes it difficult to lose weight.

2. 100 Calorie Packs – not a fan – people are tricked into ignoring quantity over quality. All foods require energy to metabolize, the body requires calories to burn, these type of snacks tend to raise blood sugar, spike insulin and require little energy to metabolize.

3. Sugar Free Stuff – seems okay from the label, watch out for the replacement stuff like malt, sucralose, etc. fancy way of saying Splenda. These replacement chemicals spike insulin higher and faster. Tends to lead to GI problems like diarrhea. Destroyed natural gut flora – promotes acne. Seems that when ants eat Splenda, they die. Chocolate cravers – try raw cocoa beans as a replacement, very healthy.

4. Wheat breads and bagels – anything that says wheat on it should be avoided. You can find hundreds of lists showing wheat by most true health care professionals saying avoid wheat.

5. Wine – it is a carb absorbed as sugar, effects hormones, people think it is heart friendly, a glass daily way too much.

6. Diet Coke – diet sodas are nothing more than chemical soup, Liver takes a huge hit, common denominator in MS cases. Use mineral water instead.

7. Typical Cracker – corn syrup, malt syrup, 0 nutrients, high in Processed carbs, Mary’s Gone Crackers. Really filling . . . .

8. Flavored Yogurts – full of sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors and coloring's, Page Plain Greek, add real fruit!!!

9. Soy milk – Replace with coconut or Almond – Soy effects hormones big time. Increase estrogen, stores fat, etc..

10. Sugar Free Energy Drinks – Produces peaks and valleys – Try Yerba Matte instead.

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