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That strange pain in my stomach disappeared...

Thank you for putting me on the Country Doctor bowel cleanse!

Before the cleanse I was struggling with irritability that I could not understand no matter how I tried to make sense of it. My bowel movements were not consistent from day to day (even though I was taking additional fiber) and ranged from very hard to very loose. Additionally, I suffered from stomach aches with a soreness in my abdominal area that was tender to the touch.

After only a few days on the cleanse I started having more consistent movements, which were the oatmeal consistency that you said we were looking for. What a relief in that area alone! I noticed shortly after the consistent, smoother movements started, that strange pain in my stomach disappeared. My mood started changing to where things just seemed better every day (and that sun sure is bright now!).

I’m so glad you insisted I try the bowel cleanse as I never would have thought taking a couple extra steps would be so beneficial to my overall health and well being!


Steve J.

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