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Pre-Education for Clients

At Country Doctor Nutritional Center, we require all new clients to attend or watch our Introductory Class prior to their first exam. We believe pre-education is crucial to positioning the client to be successful. You can watch our Introductory class here:

This class has proven itself to be the most beneficial class I have ever executed in terms of providing new prospects an introductory explanation of my clinical specialties.

The class was developed in 2006 and is used exclusively by the Country Doctor Nutritional Center and its Interns as its primary outreach to potential customers. Currently, I conduct this class twice per month to explain the value of our services to potential clients. Even though I am always looking for additional ways to conduct lectures in our community, a similar class is a must for any nutritional therapy practice.

Prospective clients who attend this class are derived from existing clients who are referring family, friends and colleagues to our office. However, in the beginning of your business, you will need to discover other ways to draw prospective clients. Through our classroom time together, we will explore opportunities in your community such as churches, associations, Chamber of Commerce events, or host your own health and wellness fair, etc.

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This is so helpful. I've spent years working in modern health clinics within a hospital as an office manager or administrator. I knew running and operating in this modality would require a completely shift, but I didn't know what it needed to look like. Thank you.

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