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Practice BluePrint Podcast

In this Podcast series, Board Certified Traditional Naturopath Dan Young and Holistic Health Becca discuss various natural health topics specifically related to running a successful and profitable natural health business.

Practice BluePrint wasn’t built from our success, but rather from our failures. Over 20 years of clinical experience and we now have Practice BluePrint to give back to Practitioners. We understand you can’t afford to learn how to be successful with your natural health business through trial and error. That’s why Practice BluePrint was developed.

We position Practitioners to be successful long term through business Mentorship & superior products. For more information, please visit here To join our Private Group for Practitioners Click Here.

For more information on our Hands On Mentorship, High Quality Herbal Remedies at Wholesale or to learn how to earn Continuing Education Hours, contact Becca at

(303) 986-2854 or

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