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More Energy!

My whole life I avoided sugar, fried foods, fast food and ate mainly fresh vegetables, fruit, chicken, fish and beef that I home cooked. I also exercised more than your average athlete. This all served me well until two years ago when at age 53 I recognized losing muscle tone and severe loss in energy. I realized I needed to do something different in my health routine. My daughter recommended that I look for that change and guidance through “Country Doctor.” After five weeks with Country Doctor and Country Doctor Herbals I have noticed improvements! My muscle tone has increased even in the abdomen area. I feel more energy and better rested. I have learned that I not only need to be concerned about what I eat but also how I can better digest and dissolve my foods. I also discovered how water is so important in digestion and overall health. I have neglected water in the past. Now I have quadrupled my water intake and drink water in place of the diet soda I used to drink. I know this is all greatly beneficial to a longer more healthy future I wish to achieve.


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