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Join us on MeWe!!

It's no secret that the natural health industry is constantly scrutinized, censored, and silenced. We seek to provide training and support to position Natural Health Practitioners in many modalities to thrive in their business. Did you know that many platforms are censoring what information you and your clients receive? We have had many reports of individuals and entire groups being "shut down" over night or instantly without proper cause. Since they are private organizations with public platforms, each of us "agreed" to their terms and conditions as we signed up with include but are not limited to: censorship, selling your information, closing accounts, closing groups, closing pages, etc... Since we agreed to these terms they are able to close or shut down without notice and without a valid reason. We want to be able to provide you training and support at all times so we are transitioning a lot of training to other platforms so that we can stay connected to you!

We are moving many of our FREE training resources to a platform called MeWe that is currently committed to NOT censoring. If you are a Natural Health Professional, please join our group on MeWe here:

Additionally, we recommend you subscribe to the Practice BluePrint Podcast as there are audios on there that you won't find anywhere else!!!

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