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I felt 90; Now I feel Young and Have ENERGY!

The difference between my cleanse through country doctor and just a cleanse here and there from the stores was that it was life changing.

I was 35-ish and I probably could safely say I felt like 90. I have 6 children and I had no energy, I was in pain daily everywhere. Sleeping was awful and barely functioning through a day.

Went in for a different approach to my health, Within 2 weeks of phase one foods and removing all foods helping create my misery I was already feeling so much better.. by week 4 it was when I was like no pain. I had metal detox I was doing also with you guys. Once my plan was at 2 months in I added exercise and went from 92 lbs. to 112 this took a year. But I feel 27 and I am 40!.. I feel young and have energy to keep up with my kids sometimes they cannot keep up with me! I spread the word often. Loved watching my body rebuild itself as I helped it through your practice remove years of toxic choices.

Jen K.

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