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Herbal Remedies for Female Hormonal Imbalances

After seeing medical doctors for swelling feet and ankles, weight gain and sleepless nights plus hot flashes and night sweats; finally relief from these things were provided by the Country Doctor-nutrition from whole food is key to good health. I recommend Dan Young to anyone I run into. My health has improved 100%!


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My periods were very hard and lasted weeks. My side ached and was painful. My energy level was zero and I dragged through the day. I have had 1 period since I started and it was much lighter and lasted only a week longer than it should have. My side doesn’t hurt and all, even when I work very hard. My energy level is a lot better. I don’t have to drag myself out of the bed in the morning. I wake up ready to go!


"Women want relief from the feeling they have lost control of their body and the emotional unease of destroying themselves and their loved ones. HP FEMALE PLUS works the same way as HP Female in supporting normal hormonal activity. However, having carefully listened to hundreds of women who have come through Country Doctor Nutritional Center, we realized the need to offer women more options specific to their personal concerns. HP FEMALE PLUS contains herbal calming agents working to relax women during heightened emotional sensitivity. Many women report less weight gain and bloating as the result of excess fluid retention.

We found with HP FEMALE PLUS that unless women were keeping track of their cycle, their periods would sneak up on them pain and concern free! Yes! A woman concern free and in control of her body, mind and spirit is a healthy, happy woman in deed!"

-Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.

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