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Country Doctor Daily Nutritional Diet

Country Doctor Daily Nutritional Diet

(6) Vegetables (2) Fruits (1) Starch (1) Meat Protein

Note: 1. Try not eating starch and protein items at the same time. This is critical to maintaining proper digestion.

2. Eat fruit alone…as a meal or in between as a snack.

Items to Avoid: • White Sugar-White sugar products • White Flour-White flour products • Dairy Products from grocery stores • Pork • Foods fried in oils • Margarine

The body has three choices when it comes to what to do with the foods we eat: 1. Use as nutrient in the body. 2. Discard as a waste or toxin to the body. 3. Store in the body for future use or elimination.

Here is a replay of one of our Nutrition 101 classes where we cover this in more detail:

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