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Candida Albicans-Yeast Overgrowth

“Candida Albicans and fungal yeast infections are rampant in our population, especially among women. Candidates for Candida or systemic fungal infection include those who have been on antibiotics, cortisone or prednisone, have taken birth control pills, have an excessive sugar intake, or have been on hormonal therapy.

Do you crave sugar, breads or sweets? Have a poor memory, fatigue, feeling of being drained of energy, unexplained allergies, muscle or joint aches? If indeed, Candida is the culprit we recommend our Basic Foundation Programs. In addition, at Country Doctor Nutritional Center, we have discovered when Leaky Gut Syndrome clears up, most allergies go away!

I believe we must eat, drink, sleep and breathe natural healing and health. Stop doing the things that hurt your health. Start embracing a healthy LIFE!”

-Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.

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