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5 Key Principles to Optimal Health

Prelude to the Ultimate Healing System


Dan Young, BCN, CNC

During my 18 years of hands on clinical experience, the 5 Key Principles outlined in this publication must be addressed every time with every client I’ve served. In fact, the five key principles that will be outlined first are stressed on pretty much every visit.

It is not because the principles are hard to grasp, it's because they're so simple on one hand and very new on the other. They give you the reader, an in-depth understanding of your health better than you have ever understood it before.

WELCOME to a most enjoyable journey together as you pursue and achieve optimum health.

Principle One:

Process > Event

So many people these days try to approach their personal health restoration in the same manner and mindset that one approaches changing the oil in their car or hanging a new screen door on the back porch. It's an event. So should my health restoration be the same experience?

The reality is that health restoration needs to be looked at the same way you would restore a vintage automobile or constructing a modern mansion. It takes time, effort, hard work and patience to produce the type of successful results you're looking for. So many things in modern living seem to fall under the umbrella of quick-fix, we have quick access to information around the globe with the simple, yet amazing handheld devices called smart phones.

In many areas of our life we do receive “instant gratification” for minimal and very little output on our part. I can assure you with a high degree of confidence based on 24,000 hours of clinical hands on experience with clients from around the country that the following statement I am about to make will empower you to approach this from a whole new angle and because of that new approach finally, for the first time for many of you readers, position you to experience true lasting vibrant health.

………. Its takes 3 to 6 months to become stable and

1 to 3 years to achieve optimum health…………

There is truly no way around this time-frame. Of course many clients experience positive impact and change within the first 5 to 7 days, this is very normal when you start reducing stress in the body. Please remember however that stress reduction or more specifically, the improvement of symptoms does not equate to optimum health. It means you're doing the right thing and the body no longer has to give you messages that are uncomfortable. Each of us have heard the story of the individual who had zero symptoms yet drop dead from a heart attack. Clearly this person wasn't healthy because they lack the physical symptom of stress.

So please remember always that principle one is a unconditional and unwavering principle that nobody gets around. The good news is, some people find that they are completely symptom-free in less than 3 to 6 months.

Principle Two:

Why We Experience Disease

Almost without fail, each client that I've had the privilege of working with over the years has posed the following question, “Why can't I get rid of these allergies?” Here is my viewpoint and mindset regarding allergies.

Allergies is a name given to a set of physical symptoms that people experience on a consistent basis, some people experience them constantly while others notice a seasonal manifestation.

Bottom line is this, every single illness that man has ever experienced has several things in common, first the symptom history, Second, the name of modern medicine has given that symptom history, thirdly no explanation as to what caused it other than you either have a drug deficiency or you need an invasive procedure. This approach makes no sense with chronic care because it suggests you need to be harmed in order to be healed. Does that really make any sense?

So for those of you who really want the truth, this simple yet powerful principle will give you a breakthrough in understanding why you become burdened with physical symptoms of any kind and here it is.

………. the absence of something the body wishes was present

or the presence of something the body wishes

was absent ……….

It is common knowledge that modern medicine during every moment of every day saves lives in the area of emergency medical procedures and care. It does not however maintain a very successful track record with chronic illness. Chronic is defined as any condition you experience for 10 days or longer. Modern medicine and approach to chronic care also agrees with this principle however their approach is much, much different. If they suspect you are missing something, it must be in the form of a pharmaceutical drug or if they suspect something is present and needs to be removed, they have a scalpel for that.

Modern medicine has two tools regardless of what clinic you go to in the country, what procedures or test they perform, how much time it takes to perform these test for how much money you spend on them. At the end of the day, drugs and the scalpels are the only tools they have.

When we consult your body in a noninvasive way to determine what course of action should be taken we then start doing things with your body rather than to it. This approach always, always, always, did I mention always gets the best results long-term.

So with the “Ultimate Healing System,” one of the 18 proven steps to achieve optimum health centers around restoring what is missing from a nutritional, dietary and lifestyle standpoint and removing stressors that are blocking the body’s ability to maintain normal healthy function.

Principle Three:

Bodies Blueprint

Science has taught us that each and every one of us has a blueprint. There are different aspects of this blueprint but it is really a blueprint nonetheless. When properly evaluated this blueprint will bring on display the necessary information we need so that we do things with your body not to it.

The key to tapping into this blueprint, in a noninvasive way, is through a neurological exam that can be performed in less than 15 minutes. Although simple and somewhat strange, its accuracy at helping us solve the answers to principle number four are absolutely fascinating.

Principle Four:


Principle three and the use of this noninvasive exam, positions us to answer the three most important questions you can ever have regarding your health. Here is something to think about, if you do not have the answers to these three questions, are you approaching your health with a viable solution?

1. Where is the Stress in the Body? By answering this question with the use of your body's blueprint as our guide, we can determine if this dress is in the Liver, Thyroid, Adrenals, or any other specific system or organ in the body. We must know the answer to this question because the evaluation process builds one step on to the next.

2. What Could be Causing the Stress? We know clinically when we find an area of the body that is experiencing stress, we must then check for known stressors that are working against the body's ability to perform its normal healthy functions. I'm going to give you the five most common here, so you can begin to remove your own health challenges by arming yourself with the truth. Here are the top-five stressors that every client who has ever visited with me has one or more of at the time of the initial evaluation.

* Food Sensitivities

* Immune System Challenges

* Chemical Poisons

* Heavy Metal Environmental Pollutants

* Topical Scar Tissue

We know clinically that these five clinical based stressors can be identified and are most often at the heart of people's ill health and standing in the way of their health restoration.

3. How to Clear the Stress. When we talk about clearing the stress, this is where you now begin to join in to the process of rebuilding your health. The work begins on your part regarding compliance, becoming very well educated, following the program to the best of your ability so that you maximize your results as fast as possible. This may mean dietary changes, the taking of clinically based and proven wellness products that may be herbal, whole food concentrates or nutraceutical in origin.

The focus is really to develop a program of care that is specific and unique to your needs. This eliminates the cookie cutter approach or the one-size-fits-all mentality that permeates through the modern medical community. Each individual follows their own specific program of care.

Principle Five

Order - Thing - Amount - Time

This brings us to principle five which is to understand that your bodies blueprint properly evaluated will give us the answer to where the stress is, what could be causing that stress, and what we need to do in order to clear that stress. Since it's based on your bodies blueprint, we are certain to help you add back what could be missing as well as help the body naturally eliminate what should not be present so you begin the true process of rebuilding your health.

(Hope you noticed that this last full sentence embodies all five principles.)

So now that we know the Liver could be the right order to start with, we can determine what thing or nutritional approach, dietary modification, etc. is needed. We can also simply determine the amount of supplementation daily and get an idea of how much time it will take to see not just symptom improvement, but the body's ability to restore, rebuild and repair.

This is a journey that I help over 4000 people annually embrace and experience tremendous success with. I look forward to you being one of those in the near future.

-Dan Young BCTN, BCN, CNC

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