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5 Indispensable Apps for Practitioners & their Office

If you’re anything like me you’re constantly on the lookout for resources that will make your job more effective and save you time and money in the process. From my perspective, I’m looking for things that make the client experience outstanding in every encounter.

The following is a brief list of the five most used apps either by myself personally or by my staff at Country Doctor Nutritional Center. The first app is Pocket Pharmacy. This is an app that you can get from either the App store or Google store depending on the platform you use. It allows me to easily and effectively and in front of the client look up drug side effects and/or interactions they might have. I use it almost every day.

Next is our system survey software called Maestro, you’ve heard Becca and I speak about this many times over the years. We use this application weekly for several reasons, one upon initial intake of a new client to identify stress patterns and additionally use it to follow up on their progress. It gives a very clean and easy to explain report.

Anchor is the podcasting platform I use to produce and post podcasts. Not all practitioners should or will want to do this, however, it has been one of my favorite support hobbies to all the amazing things we get to do here. Great educational platform for clients and meeting other practitioners.

Facebook or any other Social Media Platform I encourage you to find one and be really active with it. You do not have to be everywhere on social media but you should be somewhere consistently on a weekly basis. Whether we like it or not, the current state of the internet for natural wellness practitioners is to have an aggressive presence on social.

Lastly, for internal and external workflow, either Dropbox or Trello, Becca and I love them both. In a matter of a few hours you can master either one and really improve project management. As some of you know, I use apple products and honorable mention goes to the recently improved native app, Reminders, it is my quick go to for “to do” activities and setting up client or intern communications. I use it daily. . . So there you have it, these are not the only apps but they are my most used for sure.

To recap:

Pocket Pharmacy



Facebook or any Social Media Platform

Dropbox or Trello with honorable mention

BONUS: Reminders

Dan Young, BCTN, CNC

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