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Part 3: The Cause or the Straw?

4.3 Vaccine injuries & how they bypass the normal detox, elimination and screening pathways

Section 2.1 explains the body’s normal detoxification process. Not only does vaccination bypass this process by directly injecting the toxins into the bloodstream, but environmental toxins, such as metals and chemicals, suppress the function of the immune system. Without proper functioning, the body is unable to effectively detox even if the vaccine was ingested and processed through the normal pathways. Therefore, adding vaccine injections to a suppressed immune system is a recipe for disaster. Michael Gaeta explained that “children need to get sick…the immune system is like a muscle (and) when you work a muscle, it gets stronger.” Without vaccination, the body generally doesn’t contract multiple diseases at once. Therefore, the body’s immune system would only have to fight one illness at a time and without the added toxic load of a vaccine, thus allowing the body’s immune system to mature naturally and develop actual immunity to the illness.

According to Lauren Feder, M.D., the immune system has two lines of defense: the innate immune system and the humoral or adaptive immune system. The innate immune system consists of the initial barriers, the skin and mucous membranes in the mouth and gut, to protect the body from foreign invaders. If these foreign invaders pass the innate immune system, then the humoral or adaptive immune system is stimulated and begins to produce antibodies and other specialized immune cells such as T-cells to assist in the healing process. The adaptive immune system develops over time by responding to illnesses where it is able to remember, recognize and attack future invaders. This adaptive defense is the process in which the vaccination program is built. However, vaccines are administered through injection which bypasses the innate immune system. Basically, vaccines trick the body into thinking that it has been exposed to a specific illness, but it circumvents the initial barriers and directly triggers the adaptive immune system. Sadly, the only way the immune system truly learns and remembers how to protect the body from these foreign invaders is by exposure through the initial barriers and then to the adaptive immune system. Not only does vaccination fail to offer lifetime immunity, but it shifts the vulnerability to later in life where the diseases are generally more dangerous. In addition, injecting microorganisms directly into the bloodstream significantly increases the risk of subsequent illness because “it gains access to all of the major tissues and organs of the body without the normal advantage of a total immune response. Antibodies (T-lymphocytes) that do respond to the invading vaccine germs become committed to those germs and are unable to react to other challenges to the health of the child.”

Since vaccine injection is an unnatural way for the immune system to function, it may instead cause a chronic immune system imbalance or malfunction.1 In vaccinated communities, researchers have also found abnormalities in the thymus gland where T-lymphocytes are produced. These abnormalities “are associated with a variety of autoimmune and tumor producing diseases (e.g., many different types of cancer, leukemia, lupus erythematosus, and rheumatoid arthritis).”3 As stated earlier, the immune system naturally has the ability to distinguish between itself and foreign invaders. “Under natural conditions, enemy germs are attacked and rendered benign by the immune system. However, alien viruses injected into the body fuse with healthy cells, and continue to replicate along with those cells. This ultimately confuses the immune system to an extent where it can no longer differentiate between harmful and harmless conditions within the body. Under these circumstances, the immune system is likely to either invade its own cells (cancer), or ignore danger signs altogether, leaving the organism vulnerable to any number of autoimmune diseases.”3 There are also clinical suspicions that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is caused by an unusual immune reaction to vaccine injections. Dr. Coulter explains that “vaccination affects in particular the top of the spine and the back of the skull through which the cranial nerves pass and has the effect of weakening the cranial nerves. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is probably caused by an effect of vaccination on the vegas nerve, which provides the neural impulse to the lungs which causes us to breathe. If the nerve is paralyzed by the vaccination, the impulse doesn’t pass through and the baby simply stops breathing.”According to Neil Miller, “the entire postwar American generation is suffering from…’post-encephalitic syndrome’ – the name he gives to define a variety of vaccine-induced disabilities.”

Encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain, can cause a variety of symptoms because it has the ability to affect any segment of the nervous system. “Autopsies after post-vaccinal encephalitis show a loss and destruction of myelin on the brainstem and spinal cord. Myelin covers and protects the nerves much like the insulation on an electric wire. Without myelin, nerve impulses are short-circuited and the nervous system remains undeveloped and immature…disabilities caused by the vaccines are often ‘disguised’ under different names: autism, dyslexia, learning disability, epilepsy, mental retardation, hyperactivity, and minimal brain dysfunction just to name a few.

Juvenile delinquency, and unprecedented rise in violent crime, drug abuse, and the collapse of the American school system unable to contend with the estimated 20 to 25 percent of students mentally and emotionally deficient, represent other conditions that may be attributed to the vaccines.” Sadly, nervous system damage can be caused by the slightest vaccine reactions (i.e. fever, fussiness, drowsiness) as there is no correlation between the degree of cerebral damage and the severity of encephalitis. As you can see from Table 3.2.2, there are many hazardous chemicals included in the injections meant for a child’s first years of life and these chemicals also have a negative effect on normal body function and infant development. However, looking closely at these added chemicals prompts several questions. For instance, why is sugar added to a vaccine that is directly injected into the body…it doesn’t need to taste good, so what is the benefit of adding this toxic substance? Next, the table shows that proteins are added to vaccines except the body cannot readily utilize proteins. They must first be digested and broken down into amino acids where only then can the amino acids be put into the bloodstream and utilized by the body. Therefore, in vaccine form which bypasses the digestive process, proteins are nothing but toxins that have to be removed from the body. Lastly, the scariest question that comes to mind is what are the ramifications of adding DNA from human and other animal sources? We can use viruses to better understand this potential impact because they are “agents for the transfer of genetic imprints from one host to another.

Since they contain pure genetic material (DNA and RNA) from a foreign organism, once injected into a human recipient, the new genetic material is incorporated into the invaded cells.”3 Have there been any studies to identify how/if adding DNA from other animals may change our DNA structure in future generations? Would animal DNA decrease our ability to detox from the added chemicals in our environment or a baby’s ability to create antibodies for the vaccinated disease? In my opinion, parents should weigh the risks of disease symptoms and complications (Table 4.3.1) versus the vaccine ingredients: is the potential in having serious complications IF your child contracts the disease itself (one risk) worth the guaranteed side effects, and potential serious complications, from vaccine ingredients plus still having the potential for contracting the disease (two risks)?

4.4 Introduction of successive toxins into an infant.

As previously stated, naturally acquired illnesses are usually contracted one at a time. However, if vaccines are given according to the recommended schedule, the infant will receive multiple ‘infections’ at once plus other toxins which will, no doubt, overstimulate and overwhelm the child’s undeveloped immune system. Currently, there are “36 vaccine doses, many of them combined together, like the DTaP, the DTP, the MMR and the combo vaccines. That doesn’t even count the flu shot which kids are supposed to get, starting at age 2, once,preferably twice a year.”2 So, not only is the child heavily impacted by many vaccines by the age of 2, at that point we are supposed to begin injecting Thimerosal twice a year! As if this isn’t bad enough, “there are 250 new vaccines being developed, with about 100 already in clinical trials!”2 In addition, our environmental pollution is increasing at an alarming rate and many of these metals and chemicals accumulate in the body. Consequently, by the time a woman is ready to conceive, she may be very toxic which is proven to pass to the fetus. It is no wonder that we, as a population, are getting sicker with every generation! Unfortunately, if we continue with the current trend, I’m afraid it will only get worse.

There are many examples of adverse reactions to the current recommended vaccination program. Neil Miller stated that the Pertussis vaccine is “used in animal experiments to help produce anaphylactic shock and to cause an acute autoimmune encephalomyelitis (allergic encephalitis).”3 So, why would it not have the same impact on humans and potentially a higher impact on newborns? Encephalitis is an acute inflammation of the brain and myelitis is paralysis or inflammation of the spinal cord both of which are dangerous for adults let alone newborns! In addition, Judith DeCava wrote that this vaccine can “impair the action on inhibitory ‘neurotransmitters’ – chemical messengers in the brain – and enhance the action of excitatory neurotransmitters; in other words, it can disrupt brain chemistry. The toxin may, with a temporary disruption of the protective blood-brain barrier by one or more of several factors such as another illness or fever, facilitate access of toxin to nerve cells and result in seizures, neuronal [nerve cell] death, or both.”5 Of course this makes sense because it’s causing brain and spinal cord inflammation, but why is that reaction not expected to have any consequence initially or later in life? In spite of this significant neurological risk with just one vaccine, parents are supposed to combine this vaccine with the one for Diphtheria and Tetanus which increases the toxic load to an infant’s body even more. “A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that the tetanus booster vaccines cause T-lymphocyte (an essential white blood cell type) blood count ratios to temporarily drop below normal. The greatest decrease occurred as much as two weeks later. These decreased ratios are similar to those found in persons with AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).”5 So, the DTaP vaccine has the potential to damage the brain while also significantly weakening the immune system and the vaccine schedule recommends it five times before the age of 5!

The example above shows that each vaccine by itself can result in many health issues, but according to the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule, many of these vaccines are given at the same time. For instance, the first dose of DTaP, RV, Hib, PCV13 and IPV are recommended at two months in combination with the second dose of HepB (the first does is within 24 hours of birth). These same vaccines, with the exception of HepB, are again recommended at four months. Unfortunately, this continues with multiple vaccines over and over through 4-6 years of age and then again in the teenage years. Assuming that vaccines actually create immunity, I don’t believe that this schedule allows the body time to process the microorganisms to build the subsequent immunity and remove the toxins from the vaccines when one healing cycle is 90 days and it may take multiple healing cycles to accomplish these tasks. Judith DeCava referenced a study of 18,000 children where “100 of these children had seizures between their first immunizations and their third birthdays. This amounts to one out of every 1,800 vaccinated children."

Sadly, between the current toxic load that infants face and the amount of new vaccines in testing, I have no doubt that these numbers will increase drastically.Infants are exposed to an unprecedented amount of metals and chemicals, many of which have been identified in this document. The Environmental Working Group recognized that “the mixtures comprising a typical baby’s body burden create an environment in the body that is drastically different from what is produced in toxicology studies, nearly all of which focus on single chemicals. Studies that target mixtures most often investigate simple mixtures at high doses encompassing only a handful of chemicals, rarely outside the same chemical class…but as a rule, toxicologists have not investigated mixtures that are considered representative of those found in people, much less in sensitive sub-populations such as developing children.”4 Keep in mind that the vaccination program is in addition to this inherited toxic load and the subsequent combination creates stress on every system and organ in the body with the most affected areas being the neurological and immune systems. Plus, these two systems are rudimentary at birth and develop through early childhood which further complicates the impacts. There is no doubt that the environmental pollutant load and the metals and chemicals from the vaccination schedule could, separately, create stress in the body leading to many symptoms. However, by combining that toxic load we have a recipe for disaster: not only for our children, but also for future generations!5.0 Using Natural Health Methods to Restore and Maintain Normal Body Function

5.1 Obtaining good health before, during and after pregnancy

How many times have you, or someone you know, remained healthy after being around someone who was sick? If you are exposed to the same germs, why didn’t you become sick too? Basically, the current health of our body determines how susceptible we are to the microorganisms we are exposed to. As explained above, we generally experience symptoms when our body is under enough stress (physical, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual) that it can no longer maintain homeostasis. So, if the body’s immune system is strong, then it can effortlessly overcome exposures to microorganisms and/or toxins. On the other hand, those who suffer from chronic illness, smoke, take medications which can compromise the immune system, etc. are much more susceptible to foreign invaders overwhelming their body’s ability to eliminate them. In addition, poor nutrition, an overabundance of toxins, stress and a lack of exercise similarly inhibit the body’s natural ability to function properly. Therefore, the key to being healthy is to predominantly eat good quality nutrient-dense foods to properly nourish the body, consistently cleanse the body of toxins, exercise regularly and decrease external stressors by practicing Yoga, meditation, prayer, etc.

General cleanliness is also beneficial, but daily exposure to microorganisms keeps your immune cells strong due to frequent stimulation and reproduction.Recognizing that there is no way to completely evade pollutants in today’s world, it is imperative that you know how to minimize their impacts. There are many programs that restore and maintain great health, but the best one that I have found is from the Country Doctor Nutritional Center and their book Your Personal Guide to the Ultimate Healing System. Their procedures not only educate individuals on what a healthy diet entails and the importance of periodic cleansing, but also revolves around the idea that you cannot restore health without the answer to three questions: 1) Where is the stress in the body, 2) What is causing the stress and 3) How to clear the stress (what does the body need to restore function). I have witnessed countless people overcome numerous symptoms, some debilitating and even life threatening, and once again live more exuberant, fulfilling lives by simply following these procedures.

Throughout your life, diet and lifestyle are key to restoring or strengthening your body’s ability to perform. Nevertheless, establishing any necessary changes prior to and during pregnancy will reduce the risk to the fetus and facilitate healthy growth in-utero. Use the following information for general health…before, during and after pregnancy as well as for the infant after birth:· Eat a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables; grass-fed meat with no antibiotics or hormones; raw-unfiltered local honey; nuts and seeds; etc. The idea is to eat foods that are good quality, low in chemicals and various colors of the rainbow every day.

Avoid, at least mostly, processed foods, grains, dairy, pork, fried foods, margarine and canola/corn oils, processed sugar, etc. “Refined sugar has been shown to suppress the immune system by reducing white blood cells dramatically (up to 50 percent) for hours.”5· Drink filtered, good quality water. You need a minimum of ½-1 ounce of water per pound of body weight to sustain normal body function. If you drink anything else like coffee or tea, then you need to add the same number of ounces in water to that total. Also, if you are dehydrated, you need to increase your water consumption until corrected.· Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes 3-5 times per week.

Get enough sleep, at least 7-9 hours nightly.Regrettably, our foods do not contain all of the nutrients they once did because many of the soils used to grow these foods are nutrient deficient or the animals are eating nutrient deficient foods. Therefore, it is possible to take whole food supplements to increase the nutrients received through the diet. However, be aware that manufactured (or separated) nutrients are not the same. For example, the nutrients your body receives by eating an orange far outweigh taking an ascorbic acid pill. In order to digest and absorb the ascorbic acid that has been separated from the orange, the body must pull the remaining (missing) nutrients from storage. If these missing nutrients have been exhausted from the body’s storage, then the ascorbic acid is treated as a toxin and processed for elimination. Consequently, the body receives no benefits from the ascorbic acid, but instead further depletes the body of essential nutrients. Therefore, when purchasing supplements, verify that they contain whole foods. Some examples of supplementation are:5· To strengthen the immune system – Vitamins A, C-Complex, D and K; Selenium; Coenzyme Q10; Zinc; Magnesium; Copper; Iron; Probiotics; Glutathione; Echinacea; Garlic; Elderberry; Astragalus; Mullein.

To support the inflammation and repair process – Calcium; Turmeric; Ginger· To assist in stress relief – Vitamin B Complex (B2, B6, B12, folic acid and pantothenic acid B5)· To support tissue repair – Vitamin E ComplexAnother good idea is to limit your exposure to metals and chemicals. This can be very difficult since we live in a world full of them. However, you can minimize your exposure in the following ways:4 & 6

Cookware - Do not use aluminum for cooking (pans, utensils, aluminum foil, etc.). Also, do not consume foods or drinks from aluminum packaging (fruits, vegetables, juice, soda, etc.) Copper and enamel should also be avoided because they are generally made from cadmium which depletes zinc in the body. Preferred cookware includes stainless steel, iron and glass. These contain iron and chromium which can be utilized in the body.

Microwave – don’t use it! It destroys the food making it nutrient deficient. If you must, then only use it with glass or ceramic containers to prevent added toxins. Water – drink only purified or filtered water to remove the added chemicals such as chlorine. Mineral and distilled water are wonderful.

Fruits and vegetables – to remove herbicides and pesticides, soak them in a solution of water and Clorox. For every quart of water, add a teaspoon of Clorox and soak vegetables for about 20 minutes. After soaking in the solution, remove and soak in clear water for 1-1/2 hours to remove the Clorox.· Meat and eggs – use organic, grass-fed meat with no added antibiotics or hormones. Ensure the animal feed is free of pesticides. Be aware that chickens eating pesticide feed will produce eggs tainted with pesticides…and if those eggs are allowed to hatch, the chick will also be toxic. Only eat good quality seafood such as wild Alaskan salmon. Canned tuna, as well as other lower quality and/or farmed seafood, can contain PCBs and mercury.

Dental fillings – use only acrylic or gold fillings and ensure enamel tooth caps do not contain cadmium. If you have amalgam fillings and are planning to have them replaced, do so slowly (1-3 at a time). Replacing too many at once may release too much mercury & other chemicals possibly resulting in acute toxicity.· Cosmetics and toiletries – ensure you use good quality (low chemical) products. These types of items can be sold with no safety testing.· Cleaning products – avoid most, to include laundry products and artificial fragrances, as they contain many toxic chemicals. Use items like white vinegar, castile soap, essential oils, baking soda, citrus fruits, etc. Small amounts of bleach can be used infrequently, but do not mix it with vinegar because it creates chlorine gas which is very harmful.

Household chemicals – use only low volatile organic compound (VOC) products for remodeling your home. Ensure good ventilation for new items such as carpeting, furniture, etc. because they will release VOCs for quite some time. Also, don’t use stain repellants on clothing, bedding or upholstery.· Fuels – use manual or electric yard tools instead of gas-powered. Also, avoid breathing gasoline fumes when refueling your car.Lastly, you should follow an internal cleansing schedule to reduce toxin buildup and restore normal body function. According to Samuel and Dan Young, everyone should complete a bowel cleanse quarterly and liver/gallbladder, kidney/bladder, lymph, parasite and metal/chemical cleanses semi-annually.9 Most stores who sell whole food supplements have products to complete these cleanses, but I use the Country Doctor Herbals with their cleanse protocols which also include specific drinks to enhance the organ cleanses. It is important to note that cleansing should be conducted with enough time to allow your body to process and eliminate the toxins BEFORE pregnancy because you don’t want excess toxins being processed through the body upon conception.

5.2 Vaccine Schedule Alternatives.

Instead of vaccinating your child, you can use Nosodes. Nosodes are homeopathic remedies made from the same bacteria and viruses as the vaccines, but they are taken by mouth and have no preservatives, metals or chemicals. Since they are swallowed, these Nosodes will stimulate the immune system naturally which will create effective antibodies.However, if you choose to vaccinate, there are also ways to minimize the associated risk to your infant. It is important to only vaccinate if your child is in good health. “If your child is currently sick or has been recently (in the past two weeks), wait until better. If your child is cranky, fussy or not themselves, this may mean that they could be getting sick: wait until better. If your child has been on antibiotics, wait at least six weeks until getting a shot. Antibiotics weaken the immune system and it is not uncommon that children become sick soon after.”1 In addition, I suggest using holistic methods to correct the deficiencies causing symptoms such as allergies, eczema, chronic ear infections, etc. before administering any vaccinations.

Selective vaccination is also an option. You can choose to not follow the recommended vaccine schedule by waiting until your child is older allowing the immune system to begin naturally maturing. Secondly, you may choose only the shots you want administered by educating yourself on the illness the vaccine is designed for, such as how common is the disease in your living area, what age is it normally contracted, what and normally how severe are the symptoms and risks, whether the vaccine risks outweigh the risk of infection, etc. A third suggestion is to stagger the shots to keep from overloading the body’s immune system. Allowing the body to recover in between shots can greatly reduce the chance of vaccine reactions. Regardless of the selective vaccination program you choose, it is important to communicate your wishes with your Doctor prior to vaccination because they may have to order special vaccine vials. At a minimum, I suggest that you only allow single dose vials for all vaccinations that you want administered to your child. Most severe adverse reactions occur in multi-dose vaccines. In addition, make sure the health worker administering the shot shakes the vial before they draw the injection ensuring even distribution. Metals and some chemicals will generally settle to the bottom of the vial which can lead to higher amounts being drawn into the shot spiking the dose. Homeopathics or supplements (such as Black Currant, Briar Rose, Vitamins A and C complex, etc.) can be used a week or so before and after the shot to strengthen the body in preparation for the injected immune challenge. On the day of the shot, Ledum Palustre 30C (1 hour before the shot and 2 doses every 12 hours after the shot), Thuja Occidentalis 30C (3 pellets twice daily for three days following the shot) and Chamomilla 30C as needed for fussiness following the shot.16.0 Conclusion

Vaccines are flogged for causing many childhood illnesses, some being very serious, but they are also promoted as a necessity for population disease control. Regrettably, “no studies have compared developmental (growth, physically and mentally) or cognitive (thinking ability) function, for example, in vaccinated versus unvaccinated children.”5 Not only are vaccines harmful because of the ingredients, they are also dangerous because they don’t follow the normal detoxification, elimination and screening pathways. When injected directly into the bloodstream, the toxins can impact major tissues and organs prior to the activation of the inflammation process. As a result, these impacted tissues and organs can be damaged and the normal immune system processes may become confused and/or overwhelmed.Although vaccines can cause a myriad of negative consequences, the information presented suggests that it’s more likely vaccines aren’t THE cause of children’s deteriorating health, but merely a product of a conjoined toxic load. This position paper described the toxic burden passed from mother to fetus in-utero and detailed the ingredients in the recommended vaccine schedule while also explaining how these toxins disrupt the innate function of the body. Many studies have proved that metal and chemical toxicity inhibits the body’s ability to perform and primarily results in neurological and immune system disorders. Unfortunately, these dysfunctions will also generally initiate a downward spiral into countless symptoms and illnesses throughout the child’s life as well as potentially impacting future generations. Even though a “journal study found correlations between vaccines and 22 neurological conditions", the quantity of environmental toxins has also dramatically increased. Therefore, I surmise that the substantial deterioration of children’s health is more likely caused by the amount of toxicity obtained in-utero and from the infant’s environment after birth (i.e. polluted breast milk, formula feeding, processed foods, chemicals in the home, etc.), where the added poisons from multiple vaccine injections are just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Judith DeCava said that “insult or injury to tissue or abuse of the body all can result in illness or disease with concurrent symptoms. The natural biochemical process of inflammation is a consequence as it is the body’s attempt to repair, and this process brings its own symptoms. It would make biochemical and physiological sense to remove the cause of the insult or injury; and then, rather than adding toxic drugs or other foreign and noxious substances (such as vaccines) to interfere, suppress or stop these natural healing processes, it would be wise to support the body’s efforts for resolution, re balance and repair.”Since there is no escaping the overabundance of toxic substance exposure from our world today, this paper also discussed ways to minimize exposure as much as possible. In addition, there are suggestions for restoring and maintaining health through good nutrition and safely (naturally) detoxing pollutants from the body. It is important to remember, however, that detoxing pollutants should be done prior to conception with enough time for the body to fully eliminate them. Restoring innate body functions prior to conception will decrease the toxic burden on the fetus, thus the inherited toxic load upon birth.

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