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Don't Confuse "Sounds Good" with "Performs Well"

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

All of us have seen all the ads, write ups, promises of performance, this XYZ product is the best, on and on and on. There is no doubt there are a host of excellent products on the market, backed by integrity and quality. We use a couple other product lines ourselves besides Country Doctor to help our clients achieve optimum health but here is the real question, Does the product perform AS well WITHOUT the educational support to back up the practitioner?

Answer, usually not because the practitioner has the ability to establish how and when the product should be used, without the proper education, the how and when can be missed and the client never understands the WHY so compliance is effected, results are effects, your reputation can be effected and so on.....

Our focus on providing products in compliance with State and Federal Mandates for safety, potency, purity just scratches the surface of our commitment to clinical results. A product may have all those things and sit on a shelf helping no one without YOU, the practitioner understanding How and When to use so clients experience the WHY!

This leads to long term results which is the name of the game. The Mechanics and Dynamics of our wholesale relationship is increased 10 fold because of the following:

* On going Video Education

* Weekly Specials to Save Money and Increase Profits

* Phone Consultations Complimentary Regarding Tough Cases

* Practitioners Weekend 3 Times Per Year!

* Designated Account Representation with Becca Mayo Harrison

* Designated Website Access

-Dan Young, BCTN, BCN, CNC

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