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After 10 years my headache is finally gone...

I have had headaches for about 10+ years; in the last year or 2 they have gotten so bad I can’t function daily. I go to my doctor weekly, I see a neurologist biweekly, and I also go to a chiro and get massages. I have tried more pills from the doctors than I can count, I’ve had scans of every kind and I’ve tried everything I’ve ever heard of that may help, but still my headaches got worse. I have kept a journal of the food and liquid I eat and drink, also my sleeping habits and I exercise daily. I don’t smoke, I drink probably 1 or 2 times a year and my headaches had gotten to the point that I was in constant pain and would have rather lost my head than feel the pain. It was making me very depressed. I cried from the pain daily. Every doctor said there was nothing I could do; I was doing everything right so it must be “genetic.” Sometimes the doctor would give me shots that would completely knock me out or just send me home with a few hundred pain pills… The emergency room gave me pain medication through an IV and would send me home when I couldn’t walk. I came to Country Doctor and didn’t have much faith but figured it couldn’t hurt to try. After about 2 weeks, my headache was gone, and I’m going strong still. I honestly don’t even have words for how grateful I am. By doing a method that seemed very strange (because it is not the norm) he figured out my thyroid was weak and causing a lot of problems. Out of hundreds of appointments and other doctors I had gone to no one even helped and in days, Dan had completely changed how I got to live. I couldn’t be happier.


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